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姿, すがた
1. figure, form, shape
2. appearance, dress, guise
3. state, condition, picture, image
See 和歌
4. form (of a waka)
Noun, used as a suffix
5. dressed in ..., wearing ...
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姿, しせい
1. posture, pose, position, stance, carriage (of the body)
2. attitude, approach
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姿, ようし
(physical) appearance (of a person), one's face and figure
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後ろ姿, うしろ姿, 後姿, うしろすがた
(a person's) appearance from behind, person as seen from behind, back view, retreating figure
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姿, ゆうし
majestic figure, imposing figure, impressive appearance, magnificent appearance
姿, げんし
姿, ふうし
appearance, demeanor, demeanour
姿, やさすがた
graceful figure
姿, きょうし
lovely figure
姿, れいし
beautiful figure
姿, ねすがた
one's figure during sleep
姿, はつすがた
first wearing (of kimono) in the New Year
姿, ふくすがた
(organizational) uniform
姿, 姿かたち, すがたかたち
May take 'no', See 容姿
appearance, figure, shape, form
姿, すがたず
elevation diagram (of a building), profile sketch
姿, にすがた
packing, packaging
姿, すがたに
seafood cooked in a way that preserves its original shape
姿, まいすがた
dancing figure, one's appearance when dancing, dancing posture
姿, はいし
Mahjong term
tiles in one's hand
姿, おとこすがた
man's appearance, man's behaviour, someone disguised as a man
姿, おんなすがた
See 男姿
woman's appearance, woman's behaviour, someone dressed as a woman
姿, なりすがた
See 形振り・なりふり
appearance, clothing, costume, dress
姿, おさなすがた
child's appearance, appearance when one was a child
姿, たびすがた
May take 'no'
traditional Japanese travel outfit, travel kit
姿, しよう
See 容姿, Rare
appearance, features, looks, shape, form
姿, にすがた
effigy, likeness, portrait, statue
伊達姿, だてすがた
flashy appearance
姿造り, 姿作り, すがたづくり
sashimi prepared from live fish, arranged in its original shape
着物姿, きものすがた
dressed in a kimono
姿焼き, 姿, すがたやき
Food term
seafood cooked whole so that it retains its original form
立ち姿, 立姿, たちすがた
1. standing figure, standing posture
See 舞姿
2. dancing pose
花嫁姿, はなよめすがた
image of a bride dressed in her wedding gown (wedding kimono, etc.)
遍路姿, へんろすがた
See 遍路
pilgrim's outfit