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始末, 仕末, しまつ
Takes suru
1. management, dealing with, settlement, cleaning up, disposal
2. course of events, circumstances, particulars
3. end result (usu. bad), outcome
4. economizing, economising, frugality, being thrifty
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始末, 跡始末, あとしまつ
Takes suru
1. settlement (of a matter), sorting out, winding up (affairs), dealing with the aftermath
2. cleaning up afterwards, tidying up (when finished)
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始末, 不仕末, ふしまつ
1. omission, failure, incompleteness
2. irregularity, mismanagement, misconduct, malpractice, carelessness, wastefulness, extravagance
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始末, しまつしょ
written explanation, written apology
始末が悪い, しまつがわるい
hard to deal with, hard to handle, difficult, trying, intractable, incorrigible, refractory
始末, しまつや
thrifty person