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失敗, しっぱい
May take 'no', Takes suru
failure, mistake, blunder
失敗, しっぱいだん
failure story, horror story
失敗, だいしっぱい
Takes suru
massive failure, debacle, fiasco
失敗, しっぱいりつ
rate of failure
失敗, しっぱいさく
failed creative work, flop, dud, bomb
失敗, しっぱいしゃ
Antonym: 成功者
loser, failure
失敗, しっぱいがく
(science of) failure analysis
失敗の虞, 失敗の恐れ, しっぱいのおそれ
risk of failure
失敗判定, しっぱいはんてい
Computer terminology
fail verdict
失敗隠し, しっぱいかくし
失敗国家, しっぱいこっか
failed state
市場の失敗, しじょうのしっぱい
market failure
失敗を恐れる, しっぱいをおそれる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be afraid of making mistakes, to fear failing
アクセス失敗, アクセスしっぱいりつ
Computer terminology
failure rate
失敗は成功の母, しっぱいはせいこうのはは
Expression, See 失敗は成功のもと・しっぱいはせいこうのもと, Proverb
failure is the mother of success
失敗は成功のもと, 失敗は成功の元, 失敗は成功の基, しっぱいはせいこうのもと
Expression, Proverb
failure teaches success, failure is a stepping-stone to success
バッファ確保失敗, バッファかくほしっぱい
buffer (full) error (i.e. space cannot be reserved as it is full)
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