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天気, てんき
1. weather
2. fair weather, fine weather
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天気, 御天気, おてんき
See 天気・1, Polite
1. weather
2. mood, temper
天気予報, てんきよほう
weather forecast, weather report
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天気, てんきず
weather map
天気, てんきうん
weather conditions
天気, てんきや
See お天気屋
moody person, temperamental person, fickle person
天気, こうてんき
fine weather
天気, 能転気, 脳天気, ノー天気, のうてんき, ノーてんき
laid-back, carefree, easygoing, thoughtless, happy-go-lucky
天気, てんきあめ
See 狐の嫁入り・1
sun shower, sudden rain from a blue sky
天気, 天気祭り, てんきまつり
ceremony held to pray for good weather (during long periods of rain)
天気, てんきりん
1. weather wheel, pillar found near graveyards and temples with a wheel attached to it that can be used to communicate with the dead, as well as for divination
See 太陽柱
2. sun pillar
天気, じょうてんき
fine weather, splendid weather
天気, 御天気, おてんきや
See 天気屋
moody person, temperamental person, fickle person
天気具合, てんきぐあい
weather conditions
天気都合, てんきつごう
weather conditions
天気模様, てんきもよう
weather conditions
天気概況, てんきがいきょう
general weather conditions
良い天気, よい天気, いい天気, よいてんき, いいてんき
fine weather, fair weather
天気次第, てんきしだい
being dependent on what the weather is like
天気情報, てんきじょうほう
weather information, weather report
天気記号, てんききごう
See 天気図
weather symbol
嫌な天気, いやなてんき
bad weather, nasty weather
宇宙天気, うちゅうてんき
Astronomy term
space weather
明日天気, あしたてんき
children's game of throwing a shoe up in the air and seeing how it falls to predict whether it will rain or not the following day
天気相談所, てんきそうだんじょ, てんきそうだんしょ
weather bureau
高層天気, こうそうてんきず
upper-level weather chart
天気の崩れ, てんきのくずれ
break (change for the worse) in the weather
週間天気予報, しゅうかんてんきよほう
weather forecast for coming week
雨の降る日は天気が悪い, あめのふるひはてんきがわるい
Expression, Idiomatic expression
water is wet, on days when it rains, the weather is bad