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たいてい, 大抵, 大てい
NA-adjective, Adverb, Usually in kana
1. mostly, ordinarily, usually, generally
2. probably
May take 'no'
3. most, almost all
before a neg. form
4. ordinary
usu. as 〜にする
5. proper, appropriate, moderate
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ひらがな, 平仮名, ひら仮名
See 片仮名, Usually in kana
hiragana, cursive Japanese syllabary used primarily for native Japanese words (esp. function words, inflections, etc.)
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Particle, used for non-exhaustive lists related to a specific time and place
1. such things as ..., and ... and
See や否や・1, after the dictionary form of a verb
2. the minute (that) ..., no sooner than ..., as soon as
copula, See だ・1, Dialect: Kansai-ben
3. be, is
Interjection, punctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc.
4. o, oh
interjection expressing surprise
5. huh, what
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