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大学, 大學, だいがく
1. university, college
See 大学寮, historical term, Abbreviation
2. former imperial university of Japan (established under the ritsuryō system for the training of government administrators)
See 四書
3. the Great Learning (one of the Four Books)
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時代, じだい
1. period, epoch, era, age
2. the times, those days
3. oldness, ancientness, antiquity
See 時代物・1, Abbreviation
4. antique, period piece
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1. at (place, time), in, on, during
2. to (direction, state), toward, into
3. for (purpose)
4. because of (reason), with
5. by, from
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いつも, 何時も
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. always, all the time, at all times
with neg. verb
2. never
May take 'no'
3. usual, regular, habitual, customary
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, 隣り, 鄰, となり
May take 'no'
1. next (to), adjoining, adjacent
2. house next door, neighbouring house, next-door neighbour, next-door neighbor
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Conjugated: となり
Expression, Godan verb, formal or literary term
to become, to be
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隣る, となる
Conjugated: となり
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 隣・1, Archaism
to neighbor (neighbour), to be adjacent to, to be next to, to border
Particle, See 乃, occasionally ん, orig. written 乃 or 之
1. indicates possessive
2. nominalizes verbs and adjectives
See が・1
3. substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
often ん
4. (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
Female term or language
5. (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
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