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大人, おとな, だいにん
May take 'no', NA-adjective
adult, grown-up
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大人, たいじん
1. person of virtue, great person, magnanimous person
2. giant
See 大人・おとな
3. adult
4. exalted person
大人っぽい, おとなっぽい
grown-up (manner, etc.), mature, adult
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大人になる, おとなになる
Expression, Godan verb
to grow up, to become an adult
おとなしい, 大人しい, 温和しい
Usually in kana
1. gentle, quiet, mild, meek, obedient, docile, well-behaved, tame
2. quiet (color, pattern, etc.), sober
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大人びる, おとなびる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, usu. 〜た/て
to look (sound, behave) grown-up, to be adult-like, to mature
大人, だいにんき
May take 'no'
very popular, highly favoured
大人, 大人, おとなげ
adultness, maturity
大人, おおにんずう, おおにんず
large number of people
大人, おとなよう
May take 'no'
for use by adults, for adults
大人買い, オトナ買い, おとながい
Takes suru, Transitive, Colloquialism
buying a large amount (esp. of collectible items aimed at children, e.g. manga)
大人ぶる, おとなぶる
Godan verb
to act like a grown up, to pretend to be an adult
おとなしく, 大人しく
Adverb, See 大人しい・1, Usually in kana
meekly, obediently, submissively, quietly, like a lamb
大の大人, だいのおとな
grown man, grown woman, grown-up person, sensible person
いい大人, 良い大人, いいおとな, よいおとな
Expression, See いい年をして, oft. used sarcastically
(an) adult their age (should, should not, etc.), grown man (woman), person who is old enough (to know better)
大人向け, おとなむけ
May take 'no'
(intended) for adults, aimed at adults
大人げない, 大人気ない, 大人気無い, おとなげない
immature, childish
大人可愛い, 大人かわいい, おとなかわいい
adult-cute, grown-up but girlish, fashion style of adult women characterized by makeup and clothing that subtly emphasizes cuteness
大人じみた, おとなじみた
Noun or verb acting prenominally
precocious, unchildlike, early-blooming
大人しやか, おとなしやか
gentle, quiet, demure, sober, mild-mannered, meek
大人の事情, オトナの事情, おとなのじじょう
Expression, used when the actual reason for something cannot be disclosed
certain reasons, certain circumstances, professional constraints, adult matters
大人ニキビ, 大人にきび, 大人面皰, おとなニキビ, おとなにきび
adult acne
大人じみる, 大人染みる, おとなじみる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to grow up, to become adult, to start behaving like an adult
大人の対応, おとなのたいおう
handling things like an adult, behaving like a mature grown-up
大人の都合, おとなのつごう
Expression, See 大人の事情, used when the actual reason for something cannot be disclosed
certain reasons, certain circumstances, professional constraints, adult reasons
大人, だいじんぶつ
great man, magnanimous man
大人のおもちゃ屋, 大人の玩具屋, おとなのおもちゃや
adult toy shop (i.e. a sex shop)
大人は赤子の心を失わず, たいじんはせきしのこころをうしなわず
Expression, Proverb, from Mencius
great human beings never lose the innocence of childhood, a virtuous ruler never loses the spirit of the common people
オトナ女子, 大人女子, おとなじょし
young woman