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大きな, おおきな
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See 小さな
big, large, great
大きな政府, おおきなせいふ
big government
大きなお世話, 大きな御世話, おおきなおせわ
Expression, お世話 is ironic
none of your business!, don't bother me!, keep out of it!
大きな顔をする, おおきなかおをする
Expression, Idiomatic expression
to look as if one is important, to swagger around
山より大きな猪は出ぬ, やまよりおおきないのししはでぬ, やまよりおおきなししはでぬ
Expression, Proverb
things cannot be larger than the things that contain them, there are no boars larger than the mountain (in which they live)
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