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, ゆめ
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, むちゅう
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
1. absorbed in, immersed in, crazy about, obsessed with, devoted to
2. forgetting oneself, daze, trance, ecstasy, delirium
3. within a dream, while dreaming
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にも, ゆめにも
Adverb, See 夢にも思わない・ゆめにもおもわない, with neg. verb
(not) in the slightest, (not) at all
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見る, みる, ゆめみる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to dream (of)
, あくむ
nightmare, bad dream
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, むそう
Takes suru
dream, vision, reverie
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無我, むがむちゅう
May take 'no', yojijukugo
being absorbed in, losing oneself in, losing control of oneself
物語, ゆめものがたり
1. account of a dream
Idiomatic expression
2. fantastic story, wild tale, empty dream, pipe dream
, むげん, ゆめまぼろし
dreams, fantasy, visions
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, いちむ
(a) dream, (a) fleeting thing
, きゅうむ
ancient dream, fleeting thing
, きょうむ
inauspicious dream, bad dream
, むせい
Takes suru
wet dream, nocturnal emission
, めいむ
illusion, fallacy, delusion
, そらゆめ
fabricated dream
, さかゆめ
a dream which is contradicted by reality
, れいむ
revelatory dream, revelation, a vision
, うつつ, ゆめうつつ
1. half asleep and half awake, trance
2. dream and reality
, むび
Takes suru
asleep, dreaming
, むま
1. nightmare
2. incubus, succubus, demon appearing in a dream
, げんむ
dreams, visions, phantasms
, かんむ
sweet (pleasant) dreams
, かいむ
strange dream
, いんむ
lewd dream, salacious fantasy
, すいむ
1. drunken dream
2. relaxed contentment
, きちむ, きつむ
auspicious dream, well-boding dream
, せいむ
Obscure term
sexual dream, wet dream
, まさゆめ
dream that comes true
想家, むそうか
予知, よちむ
precognitive dream, foresight dream, prophetic dream
明晰, めいせきむ
lucid dream, dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming
占い, ゆめうらない
oneiromancy, dream fortune-telling
判断, ゆめはんだん
1. interpretation of dreams, dream reading, oneirocriticism, oneiroscopy
2. The Interpretation of Dreams (book by Sigmund Freud, 1900)