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外人, がいじん, ガイジン
See 外国人, Sensitive
1. foreigner (esp. one of European ancestry), gaijin
Archaism, orig. meaning
2. outsider
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, , , 賓, まろうど, まろうと
visitor from afar, guest
, きゃく, かく
1. guest, visitor
2. customer, client, shopper, spectator, audience, tourist, sightseer, passenger
3. counter for containers used to entertain guests
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, 賓, , 稀人, まれびと, マレビト
See まろうど
1. visitor from afar
2. joy-bringing spirit from the divine realms
Particle, See 乃, occasionally ん, orig. written 乃 or 之
1. indicates possessive
2. nominalizes verbs and adjectives
See が・1
3. substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
often ん
4. (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
Female term or language
5. (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
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