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塩をする, しおをする
to sprinkle salt on, to salt
塩をまく, 塩を撒く, しおをまく
Expression, Godan verb, occ. insulting, indicating somebody is not wanted
to spread salt (to spiritually purify)
塩をかける, 塩を掛ける, しおをかける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to sprinkle salt on, to salt
敵に塩を送る, 敵に塩を贈る, てきにしおをおくる
Expression, Godan verb, from Uesugi Kenshin sending salt to his enemy, Takeda Shingen, when Takeda's salt supply had been cut off
to save an enemy from trouble instead of taking advantage of their weakness, to show humanity even to one's enemy, to help one's enemy in difficulty
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