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地方, ちほう
1. district, region, area, locality
Antonym: 中央・ちゅうおう・2
2. the country, countryside, the provinces, rural area
Imperial Army jargon
3. civilian society
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地方, じかた
See 立方・たちかた・2
1. person in charge of music (in a Japanese dance performance)
2. person singing ballads (in noh)
3. coast (esp. as seen from the water), shore
4. the country, countryside, the provinces, rural area
地方自治体, ちほうじちたい
local authority, local government, locality, local self-governing body, municipality
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地方分権, ちほうぶんけん
decentralization of power, decentralisation of power
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地方自治, ちほうじち
May take 'no'
local (governmental) autonomy
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地方議会, ちほうぎかい
local assembly
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地方公務員, ちほうこうむいん
local government employee, local civil servant
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地方, ちほうぜい
local tax, council tax
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地方公共団体, ちほうこうきょうだんたい
local public body, local government
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地方行政, ちほうぎょうせい
local administration
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地方, ちほうばん
local edition
地方, ぜんちほう
the whole area
地方, ちほうさい
municipal bond, local bond
地方, ちほうじ
local time
地方, ちほうし
local newspaper
地方, ちほうく
prefectural constituency
地方, ちほうびょう
地方, ちほうきょく
local broadcast station
地方, ちほうけい
See 地理的品種
geographic race
地方, ちほうかん
See 地方行政官, Archaism
regional administrator, local government official
地方, ちほうめい
1. geographical name
2. local name
地方, ちほうし
See 郷土史・きょうどし
local history
地方, ちほうふだ
See 花札・はなふだ
local card game (esp. hanafuda)
地方, ちほうふう
See 局地風
local wind
地方, ちほうみん
See 都会人・とかいじん, Colloquialism
person from the provinces, person living outside major metropolitan areas
地方裁判所, ちほうさいばんしょ
See 地裁
district court, local court
京滋地方, けいじちほう
Kyoto-Shiga district
東海地方, とうかいちほう
Tokai region of Honshu (incl. Aichi, Shizuoka, Mie and southern Gifu prefectures)
両極地方, りょうきょくちほう
polar areas
中国地方, ちゅうごくちほう
Chūgoku region of western Honshu (incl. Okayama, Hiroshima, Shimane, Tottori and Yamaguchi prefectures)
北陸地方, ほくりくちほう
Hokuriku region of Honshu (incl. Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures)
地方官庁, ちほうかんちょう
local government
地方銀行, ちほうぎんこう
regional bank
地方選挙, ちほうせんきょ
local election, regional elections