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国語, こくご
1. national language
See 国語科
2. Japanese language (often as a school subject in Japan)
3. native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords)
国語, がいこくご
foreign language
国語, かんこくご
Korean (language)
国語, ちゅうごくご
Chinese (language)
国語, ぼこくご
language of one's country, mother tongue, native language
国語辞典, こくごじてん
1. Japanese-language dictionary
2. dictionary of a national language
国語, こくごがく
Japanese philology, Japanese linguistics
国語, じこくご
one's native language, one's mother tongue
国語, りょうこくご
both languages
国語, カ国語, か国語, ヵ国語, ケ国語, 箇国語, かこくご
counter for languages
国語, こくごか
Japanese language (as a school subject in Japan)
二ヶ国語, 二カ国語, 二か国語, 二ヵ国語, 二箇国語, 2ヶ国語, 2カ国語, 2か国語, 2ヵ国語, 2箇国語, にかこくご
May take 'no'
bilingual, in two languages
現代国語, げんだいこくご
modern Japanese (esp. as a school subject)
国語辞書, こくごじしょ
See 国語辞典・1
1. Japanese-language dictionary
See 国語辞典・2
2. dictionary of a national language
国語, ちゅうごくごけん
sinophone world, Chinese-speaking world
偽中国語, にせちゅうごくご
Internet slang
pseudo-Chinese, Japanese written without kana for intelligibility in Chinese
国語審議会, こくごしんぎかい
Japanese Language Council
第二外国語, 第2外国語, だいにがいこくご
second foreign language
国語大学, がいこくごだいがく
university of foreign studies, university specializing in foreign languages
国語の部屋, ちゅうごくごのへや
Chinese room (artificial intelligence thought experiment)
国語仮名遣い, 国語仮名遣, こくごかなづかい
See 字音仮名遣い, See 国語・3
kana orthography (esp. historical) of native Japanese words
国語指導助手, がいこくごしどうじょしゅ
assistant language teacher, ALT, foreign national serving as an assistant teacher of English in a Japanese classroom
国語キーボード, かくこくごキーボード
Computer terminology
national keyboard
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