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国籍, こくせき
1. nationality, citizenship
2. nationality (ship, airplane, etc.), registration, flag
国籍, むこくせき
1. statelessness
May take 'no'
2. stateless
国籍, たこくせき
May take 'no', NA-adjective
multinational, transnational
国籍, こくせきほう
Japanese Nationality Act
国籍, がいこくせき
May take 'no'
foreign citizenship, foreign nationality
国籍, じゅうこくせき
multiple citizenship, multiple nationality
国籍言語, こくせきげんご
national language
国籍条項, こくせきじょうこう
nationality clause, legislated ban on foreigners taking up public posts
二重国籍, にじゅうこくせき
dual nationality, dual citizenship
国籍, たこくせきぐん
multinational force
国籍留保, こくせきりゅうほ
reservation of Japanese nationality (procedure used with children born outside Japan)
日本国籍, にほんこくせき
Japanese nationality, Japanese citizenship
国籍, むこくせきしゃ
stateless person
多重国籍, たじゅうこくせき
multiple citizenship
国籍喪失, こくせきそうしつ
loss of citizenship, denaturalization, expatriation
国籍選択, こくせきせんたく
choice of nationality, choice of citizenship
国籍不明, こくせきふめい
May take 'no'
of unknown nationality (of a vessel, plane, etc.), unidentified
国籍企業, たこくせききぎょう
multinational corporation, transnational corporation
国籍言語, たこくせきげんご
multilingual, in many languages
二重国籍, にじゅうこくせきしゃ
dual citizen, person having dual citizenship or nationality
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