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困った, こまった
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
1. unmanageable, impossible, hopeless
2. inopportune, uncomfortable, inconvenient, embarrassing, annoying, awkward
3. disturbing, distressing
困る, こまる
Conjugated: 困った
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be troubled, to have difficulty, to be in a fix, to be at a loss, to be stumped, to be embarrassed
2. to be bothered, to be inconvenienced, to be annoyed
3. to be badly off, to be hard up, to be in straitened circumstances
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困った, 困ったひと, こまった人, こまったひと
difficult person, good-for-nothing, pain in the ass (arse)
困ったこと, 困った, こまった事, こまったこと
trouble, problem, mess, difficulty, nuisance
困ったちゃん, こまったちゃん
person oblivious to the fact they are irritating or inconveniencing others, pain in the neck, pest
困ったことに, 困った事に, こまったことに
Expression, See 困った事
the trouble is that ..., the problem is that ..., unfortunately, annoyingly
さらに困ったことに, 更に困ったことに, さらに困った事に, 更に困った事に, さらにこまったことに
to make matters worse
困った時はお互い様, 困ったときはお互い様, 困ったときはお互いさま, 困った時はお互いさま, こまったときはおたがいさま
next time it will be me who needs your help, when times are tough, we should help each other, we are all in this together