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回り, 廻り, まわり
See 周り・1
1. rotation
2. making the rounds
3. spreading
4. effect, efficacy
Noun, used as a suffix
5. by way of, via
回る, 廻る, まわる
Conjugated: 回り
Godan verb, Intransitive, See ぐるぐる・1
1. to turn, to revolve
2. to visit several places
3. to function well
4. to pass a certain time
回る, 廻る, もとおる
Conjugated: 回り
Godan verb, Intransitive
to wander around
めぐる, 巡る, 回る, 廻る
Conjugated: 回り
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
1. to go around
2. to return
3. to surround
See を巡って
4. to concern (usu. of disputes)
回り, りまわり
interest, (investment) yield, profits
身の回り, 身のまわり, 身の廻り, みのまわり
one's personal belongings, one's vicinity, one's daily life, everyday necessities
回り, からまわり
Takes suru
1. racing (of an engine), spinning one's wheels, running idle
2. fruitless effort, going nowhere, going round in circles
回り, ひと回り, ひとまわり
Adverbial noun
1. one turn, one round
2. (a) size
Takes suru
3. to go around, to make a circuit, to take a turn
4. twelve years, one cycle of the Chinese zodiac
回り, まわり道, 廻り道, 廻り路, 回り, まわりみち
Takes suru
detour, diversion
持ち回り, 持回り, もちまわり
rotation (of a post, role, etc.), taking turns
回り, 役まわり, やくまわり
role, part, duty
回り, 遠まわり, とおまわり
detour, roundabout way
回り, こまわり
1. tight turn
May take 'no'
2. adaptability, flexibility, maneuverability
回りくどい, まわりくどい
circuitous, roundabout, indirect
回り込む, 回りこむ, まわりこむ
Godan verb
to go round and cut in, to take a roundabout path
回り, そとまわり
1. circumference, perimeter
Takes suru
2. work outside the office
3. outer tracks (in a loop or curve)
回り, さきまわり
Takes suru
going on ahead, forestalling, anticipating, arrival before another
回り, みぎまわり
clockwise rotation, CW, right-handed rotation
回り, 供廻り, ともまわり
retinue, suite
回り, 足廻り, あしまわり
1. suspension system (of a vehicle), undercarriage
2. area around one's feet, footwear
回り, まわりばん
taking turns, working in shifts
回り, うままわり
a daimyo's (mounted) guards or retainers
回り, てまわり
at hand, personal effects or belongings
回り, 地廻り, 地まわり, じまわり
1. from the area (e.g. person or goods)
2. local trader, local merchant
3. street tough, hoodlum controlling a territory (e.g. red light district, amusement area)
回り, ちかまわり
Takes suru
taking a shortcut, neighborhood, neighbourhood
回り, れいまわり
making the rounds to express thanks
回り, 回りもの, まわりもの
See 金は天下の回り物
what goes around
回り, えりまわり
1. collar, area around the collar
2. counterclockwise (when seated in a circle), anti-clockwise
へそまわり, 臍回り
Usually in kana
circumference of the navel, treasure trail, sagittal hair
回り, 東廻り, ひがしまわり
May take 'no'
going from west to east
回り, 北廻り, きたまわり
northern route
回り, 南廻り, みなみまわり
southern route
回り, えきまわり
Finance term
earnings yield, after-tax earnings per share divided by the stock price
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