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しな, , 科, 階
esp. 品
1. article, item, thing, goods, stock
2. quality
See 科を作る, Usually in kana, esp. 科
3. flirtatiousness, coquetry
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, ほん
1. court rank
Suffix, See 九品・1, Buddhist term, sometimes pronounced ぼん, ぽん as a suffix
2. level, grade
3. chapter, section, volume
, ひん
1. elegance, grace, refinement, class, dignity
2. article, item
Counter, sometimes pronounced ぴん
3. counter for items (of food, etc.), counter for dishes or courses (at a restaurant)
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1. too, also, in addition, as well, (not) either (in a negative sentence)
as AもBも
2. both A and B, A as well as B, neither A nor B (in a negative sentence)
used for emphasis or to express absence of doubt regarding a quantity, etc.
3. even, as much as, as many as, as far as, as long as, no less than, no fewer than
often as 〜ても, 〜でも, 〜とも, etc.
4. even if, even though, although, in spite of
Adverb, See もう・3, Colloquialism
5. further, more, again, another, the other
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そして, 而して, 然して, しかして
Conjunction, Usually in kana
and, and then, thus, and now, and finally
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