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, あじ
1. flavor, flavour, taste
2. charm, appeal, uniqueness, attractiveness
3. experience, taste (e.g. of victory)
NA-adjective, See 味な
4. smart, clever, witty, strange
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, み
1. (sense of) taste
Suffix, Counter
2. counter for food, drink, medicine, etc.
って, て
Particle, See と・4, casual quoting particle
1. you said, he said, she said, they said
See たって・1, after a verb in the past tense
2. even if
as in かって; indicates a satirical or rhetorical question
3. do you seriously think that
indicates certainty, insistence, emphasis, etc.
4. I already told you, you should know by now that, of course
abbr. of という
5. the said ...
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