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, 公, きみ
Pronoun, Male term, Familiar language, also used colloquially by young females
1. you, buddy, pal
orig. meaning
2. monarch, ruler, sovereign, (one's) master
Only 君, Polite, Obsolete term
3. he, she
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, くん
Mr (junior), master, boy
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, ぎみ
Suffix, Honorific or respectful
suffix appended to somebody else's family members
, きんじ
Archaism, Colloquialism
Conjunction, Colloquialism
1. after all, because
2. but
3. even
4. too, as well, also
5. they say, I hear, you mean
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Auxiliary, NA-adjective, after -masu stem or adj. stem
appearing that, seeming that, looking like, having the appearance of
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, そう
counter for (small) boats
そう, 然う
Adverb, See 斯う・1, See ああ, See 如何・どう, Usually in kana, concerning the actions of the listener or concerning the ideas expressed or understood by the listener; with a neg. sentence, implies that something isn't as much as one might think
1. in that way, thus, such
Interjection, used to express agreement with something said
2. so
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, そう
whole, all, general, gross, entire, overall
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, そう
1. appearance, look, countenance
See 女難の相
2. a 'seeming' that fortune-tellers relate to one's fortune
Linguistics terminology
3. aspect
Physics terminology
4. phase (e.g. solid, liquid and gaseous)
, そう
Noun, used as a suffix
1. layer, stratum, seam, bed
2. class, bracket, group
Mathematics term
3. sheaf
4. counter for stories (of a building)
沿う, そう
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to run along, to run beside, to stick to (a line)
2. to follow (a policy, plan, etc.), to act in accordance with, to align with
See 添う・1, also written 添う
3. to meet (wishes, expectations, etc.), to satisfy, to comply with, to live up to
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, そう
1. monk, priest
See 僧伽・そうぎゃ, Abbreviation
2. sangha (the Buddhist community)
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, そう
Obscure term
1. origin, source
2. virtuous ancestor
, そう
run, race
, そう
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter
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, そう
1. Song dynasty (China, 960-1279), Sung dynasty
2. Liu Song dynasty (China, 420-479), Liu Sung dynasty
3. Song (ancient Chinese state, 11th century-286 BCE)
, そう
1. clothing, dressing
Noun, used as a suffix, See 装丁・1
2. binding (of a book)
, そう
1. conception, idea, thought
See 五蘊, Buddhist term
2. samjna (perception)
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, そう
See 琵琶
body (of a biwa)
, そう
See 曹司・ぞうし・1, Obsolete term
1. palace room for government officials
2. fellow, set (of people), clan, family
, そう
historical term
rural local self-government (Muromachi period)
, そう
1. draft, rough copy
See 草書, Abbreviation
2. highly cursive style (of writing Chinese characters), grass style
疎雨, 疏雨, 踈雨, そう
drizzle, scattered rain
, そう
See 翁・おきな・1, Archaism
old man, venerable gentleman
添う, 副う, そう
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 沿う・2
1. to meet (wishes, expectations, etc.), to satisfy, to comply with, to live up to
2. to accompany, to go with, to stay by one's side
3. to associate with (someone), to mix with
esp. 添う
4. to marry, to wed
5. to be added
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, そう
Noun, used as a suffix
, そう
Noun, used as a suffix, Anatomical term
plexus, rete
, そう
1. vibrancy, strength, bravery, manliness
2. (esp. of men) one's prime (approx. age 30)
Counter, also 草
3. counter for times of moxibustion
, そう
See 奏する・そうする・1
report to the emperor
, そう
See 躁病, Abbreviation
, 箏, 筝, こと, そう
1. koto (13-stringed Japanese zither)
Only こと, Archaism
2. stringed instrument
Only 箏, Only 筝
3. zheng (Chinese zither), guzheng
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