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, 公, きみ
Pronoun, Male term, Familiar language, also used colloquially by young females
1. you, buddy, pal
orig. meaning
2. monarch, ruler, sovereign, (one's) master
Only 君, Polite, Obsolete term
3. he, she
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, くん
Mr (junior), master, boy
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, ぎみ
Suffix, Honorific or respectful
suffix appended to somebody else's family members
, きんじ
Archaism, Colloquialism
たち, , きみたち
Pronoun, Familiar language, Male term, also used colloquially by young females
you (plural), all of you, you all
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, しょくん
1. you (people)
Interjection, making appeal, etc.
2. gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, my friends, everyone
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が代, が世, きみがよ
1. Imperial reign
2. Kimigayo (Japanese national anthem)
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, くんりん
Takes suru
reigning, controlling, dictating
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, くんしゅ
May take 'no'
ruler, monarch, sovereign
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, くんし
1. man of virtue, wise man, (true) gentleman
2. person of high rank
See 四君子
3. the four gentlemen (plum, chrysanthemum, orchid, and bamboo)
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, ぼうくん
tyrant, despot
, きくん
Pronoun, Polite
you (primarily used by men in letters to their equals or inferiors)
, あんくん
foolish ruler
, じんくん
sovereign, ruler
, じんくん
benevolent ruler
, せんくん
previous ruler, ancestors
, そんくん
someone's father, one's companion
, だんくん
mythical founder of Korea
, にくん
two masters
, ぼうくん
one's deceased lord
, いえぎみ, かくん
head of the house
, つじぎみ
streetwalker, nightwalker, prostitute
, くんそく
proximity of a monarch or lord
, くんみん
monarch and subjects
, くんこく
1. monarchy
2. monarch and nation
, くんおん
the favor of one's ruler (favour)
, くんちょう
the favor of one's ruler (favour)
, ゆうくん
, ようくん
stupid ruler
, あねぎみ
Honorific or respectful, dated term
(elder) sister
, おとうとぎみ
Archaism, Polite
younger brother
, びくん
beautiful women
, 妻, めぎみ
Only 女君
1. someone else's daughter
Honorific or respectful
2. one's wife
, , きみら
Pronoun, See 君・きみ・1, Male term, Familiar language
you guys, buddies, pals, you lot
, くんぷ
See 主君, See 父
master and father
, きゅうくん
See 旧主, Obscure term
former lord