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名誉, めいよ
1. honor, honour, credit, glory, fame, distinction
2. prestige, dignity, reputation, good name
Noun, used as a prefix
3. honorary (e.g. president, doctorate)
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名誉, ふめいよ
dishonor, dishonour, disgrace, shame
名誉, めいよしん
desire for fame
名誉, めいよよく
love of fame
名誉, めいよけい
stripping of honours (as a means of punishment), stripping of rights, public humiliation
名誉, めいよしょう
honorary award
名誉, めいよしょく
honorary position
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名誉教授, めいよきょうじゅ
professor emeritus, emeritus professor
名誉市民, めいよしみん
honorary citizen
名誉除隊, めいよじょたい
See 不名誉除隊
honorable discharge, honourable discharge
名誉毀損, 名誉棄損, 名誉き損, めいよきそん
libel, defamation, slander, character assassination
名誉会員, めいよかいいん
honorary member
名誉会長, めいよかいちょう
honorary president
名誉回復, めいよかいふく
restoring one's impaired reputation, regaining one's honor, redeeming oneself
名誉挽回, めいよばんかい
restoring one's impaired reputation, regaining one's honor, redeeming oneself
名誉革命, めいよかくめい
historical term
Glorious Revolution (England; 1688-1689), Revolution of 1688
名誉白人, めいよはくじん
honorary white (non-white person, including the Japanese, that were given certain privileges during the apartheid regime of South Africa), honorary whites
名誉領事, めいよりょうじ
honorary consul, honourary consul
名誉称号, めいよしょうごう
honorary title
名誉殺人, めいよさつじん
honor killing, honour killing
名誉学位, めいよがくい
honorary degree
名誉除隊, ふめいよじょたい
See 名誉除隊
dishonorable discharge, dishonourable discharge
名誉の殺人, めいよのさつじん
honor killing, honour killing
名誉博士号, めいよはくしごう
honorary doctorate