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かわいい, 可愛い, かわゆい, カワイイ, カワイい
Usually in kana
1. cute, adorable, charming, lovely, pretty
2. dear, precious, darling, pet
3. innocent, childlike, childish, lovable
4. dainty, little, tiny
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エロ可愛い, エロかわいい
sexy, but still cute
きも可愛い, キモ可愛い, きもかわいい, キモかわいい, キモカワイイ
both repellant and attractive at the same time, both cute and disgusting
大人可愛い, 大人かわいい, おとなかわいい
adult-cute, grown-up but girlish, fashion style of adult women characterized by makeup and clothing that subtly emphasizes cuteness
グロ可愛い, グロかわいい, グロカワイイ
grotesque but cute
ブサ可愛い, ブサかわいい
ugly but cute, adorably ugly
ブス可愛い, ブスかわいい
ugly but cute, adorably ugly
カッコ可愛い, かっこ可愛い, 格好可愛い, カッコかわいい, かっこうかわいい, カッコカワイイ, かっこかわいい
Expression, See 格好・かっこう・2
cool and cute, cool in a cute way, cute in a cool way
可愛い子ちゃん, 可愛いこちゃん, かわいい子ちゃん, かわいいこちゃん
See かわい子ちゃん・かわいこちゃん, Colloquialism
cutie, sweetie
馬鹿な子ほど可愛い, ばかなこほどかわいい
Expression, Proverb
a foolish child is more precious
かわいい子には旅をさせよ, 可愛い子には旅をさせよ, かわいいこにはたびをさせよ
Expression, Proverb
spare the rod and spoil the child, if you love your children, send them out into the world