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取れる, とれる
Conjugated: 取れなかった
Ichidan verb
1. to come off, to be removed
2. to disappear (of pain, a fever, etc.)
See 獲れる・1, See 捕れる・1
3. to be caught, to be harvested
4. to be interpreted (as), to be taken (as)
5. to be attained (of balance, etc.)
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取る, とる
Conjugated: 取れなかった
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to take, to pick up, to grab, to catch
2. to pass, to hand, to give
3. to get, to obtain, to acquire, to win, to receive, to earn, to take (e.g. a vacation)
4. to adopt (a method, proposal, etc.), to take (a measure, attitude, etc.), to choose
5. to remove, to get rid of, to take off
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