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, しゅ
See 十二因縁, Buddhist term
appropriation, obtaining
, , とり
Noun, used as a suffix
1. taking, taker, collecting, collector, remover, removal
2. last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day
3. active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
Prefix, before a verb
4. emphatic or formal prefix
, , どり
Noun, used as a suffix, after a quantity
1. samurai receiving this much rice as a fee
2. offering of rice cake containing this much rice
Obsolete term
3. person receiving this amount of money as a salary
, とる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to take, to pick up, to grab, to catch
2. to pass, to hand, to give
3. to get, to obtain, to acquire, to win, to receive, to earn, to take (e.g. a vacation)
4. to adopt (a method, proposal, etc.), to take (a measure, attitude, etc.), to choose
5. to remove, to get rid of, to take off
, り引き, 引き, とりひき
Takes suru
transactions, dealings, business
り組む, 組む, とりくむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to grapple with, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to be matched against
2. to tackle (e.g. a problem), to come to grips with, to work hard on
受け, 受けとる, 受, 請け, 請, うけ, うけとる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to receive, to get, to accept
2. to take, to interpret, to understand
, しゅざい
Takes suru
1. news coverage, collecting data (e.g. for an article), covering (something for media)
See 取材相手・しゅざいあいて
2. interview
れる, とれる
Ichidan verb
1. to come off, to be removed
2. to disappear (of pain, a fever, etc.)
See 獲れる・1, See 捕れる・1
3. to be caught, to be harvested
4. to be interpreted (as), to be taken (as)
5. to be attained (of balance, etc.)
り上げる, りあげる, 上げる, 採り上げる, とり上げる, 採りあげる, 採上げる, とりあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to pick up
2. to adopt (e.g. a proposal), to accept, to take up (a topic, complaint, etc.), to listen to, to deal with, to feature
3. to take away, to confiscate, to deprive (someone) of, to revoke
4. to deliver (a baby)
5. to collect (taxes)
締役, とりしまりやく
company director, board member
, しゅとく
Takes suru
acquisition, obtaining, gaining possession, purchase
り戻す, 戻す, とり戻す, とりもどす
Godan verb, Transitive
to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
, ちょうしゅ
Takes suru
1. hearing (of a statement, opinion, explanation, etc.), asking, questioning (e.g. a suspect), enquiry
2. listening (e.g. to the radio)
り組み, , 組み, り組, とり組み, とりくみ
oft. 取組 when in ref. to sumo
1. bout (in sports, etc.), match
2. effort, initiative, dealing with, grappling with, wrestling with
, とうどり
1. (bank) president
2. greenroom manager (in a theater)
り入れる, 採り入れる, 入れる, りいれる, とりいれる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to harvest, to reap
2. to take in, to gather in
3. to adopt (e.g. idea), to accept (e.g. advice), to introduce, to borrow (e.g. word)
り除く, 除く, とり除く, りのぞく, とりのぞく
Godan verb, Transitive
to remove, to deinstall, to take away, to set apart
り出す, 出す, りだす, とり出す, とりだす
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to take out, to produce, to pick out
2. to fetch, to retrieve
引先, り引き先, とりひきさき
customer, client, client company, business connection, trade partner
り方, 撮り方, 採り方, , 撮方, とりかた
way of taking (e.g. photographs), manner of taking, how to take
にとって, にって
Expression, Usually in kana
to, for, from the standpoint of, as far as ... is concerned
とりあえず, りあえず, り敢えず, 敢えず
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. first of all, at once, right away
2. for now, for the time being
り付ける, りつける, 付ける, とりつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to furnish, to install
2. to get someone's agreement
3. to patronize, to buy usually from the same store
り扱い, 扱い, り扱, , とりあつかい
treatment, service, handling, management
東京証券引所, とうきょうしょうけんとりひきじょ
Tokyo Stock Exchange, TSE
り消す, 消す, とりけす
Godan verb, Transitive
to cancel, to withdraw, to retract, to take back (words, etc.), to revoke
締役会, とりしまりやくかい
1. board of directors
2. board of directors' meeting
, とっとり
Tottori (city, prefecture)
り消し, 消し, , とりけし
cancellation, withdrawal, abolition, revocation, cancel, CAN
り込む, 込む, りこむ, とりこむ
Godan verb, Transitive, See 採り込む
1. to take in, to bring in, to adopt (e.g. behaviour), to introduce
Computer terminology
2. to capture (e.g. image), to import
3. to win over, to please, to curry favour with, to flatter
4. to defraud of, to swindle, to embezzle
5. to be busy, to be in confusion, to have trouble
り掛かる, りかかる, り掛る, 掛る, とりかかる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to begin, to set about, to start
り扱う, 扱う, とりあつかう
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to handle, to operate (a machine, etc.), to use
2. to deal with (an issue), to manage
3. to treat (someone), to deal with (someone)
4. to deal in, to carry, to sell
引き, 引, 引きとる, ひきとる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to take into one's possession, to receive, to accept, to collect, to claim
2. to take into one's care (e.g. person, pet), to take custody of, to adopt
3. to leave, to go away, to withdraw, to get out
, 日どり, ひどり
fixed date, appointed day
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