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シュウ, おさ.める, おさ.まる
income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store
, しゅうにゅう
income, receipts, revenue
, かいしゅう
Takes suru
collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
, 蒐集, 拾集, 蒐輯, しゅうしゅう
Takes suru
1. collecting, accumulating, gathering
2. collection (of art, stamps, insects, etc.)
3. garbage collection, waste collection
, しゅうし
income and expenditure
, しゅうえき
earnings, proceeds, returns, revenue
, しゅうよう
Takes suru
1. accommodation, reception, housing
2. seating
3. custody (e.g. awaiting deportation), internment
4. admission, hospitalization
5. entering (e.g. in dictionary)
, ばいしゅう
Takes suru
1. acquisition (esp. corporate), buy-out, takeover, purchase
2. bribery, buying off, corruption
, きゅうしゅう
Takes suru
absorption, suction, attraction
, しゅうかく
Takes suru
1. harvest, crop, ingathering
2. fruits (of one's labors), gain, result, returns
, 集録, 輯録, しゅうろく
Takes suru
1. compilation, editing
See 録音, See 録画
2. recording
める, 納める, おさめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees)
2. to supply
3. to store
4. to finish, to bring to a close
5. to restore (something to its place)
, しゅうわい
Takes suru
accepting bribes, corruption, graft
, こうしゅうにゅう
May take 'no'
high income
, ぜいしゅう
tax yields, revenue
, ねんしゅう
annual income
, おうしゅう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
seizure, confiscation
まる, 納まる, おさまる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to fit into (a box, frame, category, etc.), to be contained within, to fall within (e.g. a budget)
2. to settle down (into), to be installed (in one's rightful place), to be returned (to one's original position)
esp. 納まる
3. to settle into (one's position), to take up (a post), to occupy (a role)
Only 納まる
4. to be delivered, to be paid (e.g. taxes)
Only 収まる, See 治まる・1
5. to be settled (dispute, conflict, etc.), to be sorted, to subside (e.g. wind), to calm down, to abate
, ちょうしゅう
Takes suru
collection (of fees, taxes, etc.), levy
容所, しゅうようじょ
internment camp, detention facility, POW camp, refugee camp
, しゅうしゅう
Takes suru
control, bringing under control, settling (a matter), putting in order
, てっしゅう
Takes suru
1. removal (e.g. of a building), dismantling (e.g. a tent), striking (e.g. a stage set)
2. withdrawal (of troops), evacuation, retreating
, げんしゅう
Takes suru
fall, decrease (in income)
, ぞうしゅう
Takes suru
increase in yield
, しゅうのう
Takes suru
1. storage, putting or stowing away
2. receipt (of funds, payment, etc.)
3. harvesting
, げっしゅう
monthly income
, りょうしゅうしょ
simplified receipt with a blank line to be filled out with the customer's name (used specifically for claiming expenses), hand-written receipt
, ぼっしゅう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
forfeiture, seizure, confiscation, impounding
まり, 納まり, 治まり, おさまり
conclusion, end, settlement
, しゅうよう
Takes suru
expropriation, seizure
, しゅうしゅく
Takes suru
deflation, contraction, shrinking, constriction
, しゅうりょう
yield, size of harvest
, しゅうかん
Takes suru
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