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及ぶ, およぶ
Conjugated: 及ばず
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to reach, to amount to, to befall, to happen to, to extend, to go on (for, until)
2. to be up to the task, to come up to
3. to compare with, to be a match (for)
See 犯罪に及ぶ
4. to commit (a crime)
See には及ばない・1, usu. used in the negative
5. to require (to do)
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及ばず, ちからおよばず
unable to accomplish
一二に及ばず, いちににおよばず
right away, without waiting around
是非に及ばず, ぜひにおよばず
unavoidable, inevitable, cannot be helped, of necessity
子細に及ばず, 仔細に及ばず, しさいにおよばず
Expression, Archaism
there is no problem, there is no need to go into details
言うに及ばず, いうにおよばず
needless to say
駟も舌に及ばず, しもしたにおよばず
talking so fast that even a four-horse coach cannot catch up to the words
及ばずながら, 及ばず乍ら, およばずながら
to the best of my ability, poor though it be