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半ば, 中ば, なかば
Noun, used as a suffix
1. middle, halfway, midway
2. half (of), one half
3. half (e.g. done, jokingly), partly, in part, partially
4. mostly, almost, nearly
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半ば, みちなかば
halfway (through, complete), midway
半ば, こころざしなかば
usu. as 〜で or 〜にして
leaving one's objective incomplete, leaving one's ambition unfulfilled, being unable to achieve one's goal
半ば過ぎ, 半ばすぎ, なかばすぎ
beyond the middle
半ば, つきなかば
middle of the month
愛憎相半ばする, あいぞうあいなかばする
to have mixed feelings of love and hatred, to love and hate equally
半ばする, あいなかばする
to be equal in number, degree, etc. (of two things in opposition), to balance, to cancel out
教うるは学ぶの半ば, おしうるはまなぶのなかば
Expression, Proverb
we learn by teaching
丁半博打, 丁半ばくち, ちょうはんばくち
See 丁半・2
chō-han bakuchi, gambling game in which two dice are thrown and players bet on whether the total is odd or even