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十分, 充分, じゅうぶん
1. enough, sufficient, plenty, adequate, satisfactory
2. sufficiently, fully, thoroughly, well, perfectly
Only 十分, Takes suru
3. division into ten
10分, 十分, じっぷん, じゅっぷん
10 minutes
十分, 不充分, ふじゅうぶん
insufficient, inadequate, imperfect
十分の一, 10分の1, じゅうぶんのいち
tenth, tithe
十分条件, じゅうぶんじょうけん
See 必要条件, yojijukugo
sufficient condition
貫禄十分, かんろくじゅうぶん
NA-adjective, May take 'no', yojijukugo
having great (impressive, commanding) presence, having an air of importance, having enough gravity for (a position)
十分の一税, じゅうぶんのいちぜい
証拠不十分, しょうこふじゅうぶん
lack of evidence, insufficient evidence
十分統計量, じゅうぶんとうけいりょう
sufficient statistic
必要十分条件, ひつようじゅうぶんじょうけん
necessary and sufficient condition
十分置きに運転, じゅっぷんおきにうんてん
Takes suru
operating on a ten-minute schedule
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