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医者, いしゃ
usu. as お医者さん in polite speech
doctor, physician
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医者, はいしゃ
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医者さん, 御医者さん, おいしゃさん
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医者, 目医者, めいしゃ
See 眼科医
eye doctor, oculist, ophthalmologist
医者, タケノコ医者, たけのこ医者, たけのこいしゃ, タケノコいしゃ
See ヤブ医者
inexperienced doctor, quack
医者, にせ医者, にせいしゃ
quack, quack doctor, fake doctor
医者, やみいしゃ
back-alley doctor
医者, うまいしゃ
horse doctor, horse veterinarian
へぼ医者, へぼいしゃ
quack doctor
ヤブ医者, やぶ医者, 藪医者, ヤブいしゃ, やぶいしゃ
See 野巫・やぶ・2
poor doctor, inept doctor, quack
医者通い, いしゃがよい
course of medical treatment, under-the-doctor
医者, お医者さま, 御医者, おいしゃさま
Honorific or respectful
doctor, physician
でも医者, でもいしゃ
quack (doctor)
医者を呼ぶ, いしゃをよぶ
Expression, Godan verb
to call the doctor
医者泣かせ, いしゃなかせ
See 泣かせ
(being an) annoyance to one's doctor, troublesome patient
医者, まちいしゃ
1. physician in private practice
historical term
2. town doctor, doctor who served the townspeople (as opposed to the emperor, a daimyo, etc.)
医者に掛ける, 医者にかける, いしゃにかける
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 医者に掛かる
to entrust to a doctor (for treatment)
医者に掛かる, 医者にかかる, いしゃにかかる
Expression, Godan verb
to consult a doctor
医者の不養生, いしゃのふようじょう
Expression, Idiomatic expression
failing to practice what one preaches
かかりつけの医者, 掛かりつけの医者, 掛かり付けの医者, かかり付けの医者, かかりつけのいしゃ
Expression, See かかりつけ医
family physician, family doctor
医者さんごっこ, おいしゃさんごっこ
playing doctor, playing doctor and patient
腹八分目に医者いらず, 腹八分目に医者要らず, 腹8分目に医者要らず, はらはちぶんめにいしゃいらず
Expression, Proverb
eating moderately keeps the doctor away