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勉強, べんきょう
Takes suru, Transitive
1. study
2. diligence, working hard
3. experience, lesson (for the future)
4. discount, price reduction
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だけ, 丈
Particle, Usually in kana
1. only, just, merely, simply, no more than, nothing but, alone
2. as much as, to the extent of, enough to
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, 嶽, たけ, だけ
1. peak
2. mountain
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copula, See だ・1, western Japanese; also freq. used in animation and foreign-language dubbing to indicate a person is old
be, is
, へび, じゃ, くちなわ, へみ, ヘビ
じゃ is more associated with serpent and large snakes
1. snake
2. serpent, large snake
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, じゃ
wickedness, evil, wicked person
じゃ, じゃ
Conjunction, See では・1, from では
then, well, so, well then
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