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勉強, べんきょう
Takes suru
1. study
2. diligence
3. discount, reduction
勉強, べんきょうちゅう
while studying
勉強, べんきょうか
diligent student, studious person
勉強, べんきょうづくえ
(writing) desk
勉強, もうべんきょう
studying very hard, studying like mad
勉強, べんきょうかい
study group, study meeting
勉強, べんきょううん
one's fate (fortune) as concerns studies
試験勉強, しけんべんきょう
Takes suru
studying for a test
二課勉強, にかべんきょう
Takes suru
studying two lessons
くそ勉強, 糞勉強, くそべんきょう
Takes suru, Slang
cram for an exam, concentrated study
勉強部屋, べんきょうべや
study room
勉強時間, べんきょうじかん
one's study hours (time)
勉強不足, べんきょうぶそく
insufficient study
受験勉強, じゅけんべんきょう
Takes suru
studying for a test (esp. school or university entrance examinations)
勉強熱心, べんきょうねっしん
hardworking, studious
社会勉強, しゃかいべんきょう
learning about the world, preparation for life in the community, work experience
にわか勉強, 俄か勉強, 俄勉強, にわかべんきょう
勉強に励む, べんきょうにはげむ
Expression, Godan verb
to work hard at one's lessons
勉強になる, べんきょうになる
Expression, Godan verb
1. to gain knowledge, to be illuminated
Noun or verb acting prenominally
2. enlightening, informative, illuminating, educational
勉強, ふべんきょう
idleness, lack of application, lazy study habits
詰め込み勉強, つめこみべんきょう
cramming (e.g. for an exam)
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