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努力, どりょく
Takes suru, Intransitive
effort, exertion, endeavour, endeavor, hard work, striving
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努力, どりょくか
hard worker, hardworking person
努力, どりょくしょう
prize awarded for good effort, consolation prize
奮励努力, ふんれいどりょく
Takes suru, yojijukugo
making strenuous efforts, exerting oneself
自助努力, じじょどりょく
Takes suru
self-help efforts, independent efforts, self-supporting endeavor
努力奮励, どりょくふんれい
Takes suru, yojijukugo
making strenuous efforts, exerting oneself
奮闘努力, ふんとうどりょく
Takes suru, yojijukugo
try one's best, all-out effort, strenuous efforts
経営努力, けいえいどりょく
management effort, managerial effort, operation action
企業努力, きぎょうどりょく
business efforts, corporate efforts
外交努力, がいこうどりょく
diplomatic efforts
努力目標, どりょくもくひょう
goal to strive for, challenge
努力義務, どりょくぎむ
obligation to make a sincere effort (to follow a set of rules, etc.)
努力の賜物, 努力のたまもの, どりょくのたまもの
fruit of one's labor, result of one's efforts
努力も虚しく, 努力も空しく, どりょくもむなしく
Expression, Adverb
after efforts in vain
たゆまず努力, たゆまずどりょく
Takes suru
untiring labor (labour)