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助ける, 援ける, 救ける, 扶ける, 佐ける, 佑ける, 輔ける, たすける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to save, to rescue
2. to help, to assist
3. to support (financially), to contribute (to), to provide aid
4. to facilitate, to stimulate, to promote, to contribute to
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助く, 輔く, 扶く, たすく
Conjugated: 助ける
Godan verb, Transitive, See 助ける・1
to help, to save, to rescue
芸は身を助ける, げいはみをたすける
Expression, Ichidan verb, Proverb
art brings bread
芸が身を助けるほどの不幸せ, 芸が身を助けるほどの不仕合, げいがみをたすけるほどのふしあわせ
Expression, See 芸は身を助ける, Proverb, twist on the proverb 芸は身を助ける
being able to live as an artist is no blessing
小の虫を殺して大の虫を助ける, しょうのむしをころしてだいのむしをたすける
Expression, Ichidan verb, Proverb
to sacrifice something small in order to save something great, to lose a leg to save one's life, to kill a small bug and help a large one