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助け, たすけ
assistance, help, aid, support, reinforcement
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助け, 援ける, 救ける, 扶ける, 佐ける, 佑ける, 輔ける, たすける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to save, to rescue
2. to help, to assist
3. to support (financially), to contribute (to), to provide aid
4. to facilitate, to stimulate, to promote, to contribute to
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助け, てだすけ
Takes suru
a help, assistance
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助け合う, たすけあう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to help each other, to cooperate
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助け合い, たすけあい
cooperation, mutual aid (help)
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助け出す, たすけだす
Godan verb
to help out of (trouble), to extricate
助け, 助け, 助けぶね, たすけぶね
1. lifeboat
2. friend in need, helping hand, timely help
助く, 輔く, 扶く, たすく
Conjugated: 助け
Godan verb, Transitive, See 助ける・1
to help, to save, to rescue
助け, たすけて
助け, たすけて
助け守る, たすけまもる
Godan verb
to protect, to preserve, to keep
天の助け, てんのたすけ
godsend, gift from providence
助け起こす, たすけおこす
Godan verb
to help up
助け上げる, たすけあげる
Ichidan verb
to help up, to pick up, to bring safely to land
家計の助け, 家計の扶け, かけいのたすけ
assistance in supporting a family
助けになる, たすけになる
Expression, Godan verb
to be helpful, to help, to be of assistance, to come in handy
助け, ひとだすけ
Takes suru
act of mercy, helping another person
助けを借りる, 助けをかりる, たすけをかりる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to get help, to enlist aid
芸は身を助け, げいはみをたすける
Expression, Proverb
art brings bread
芸が身を助けるほどの不幸せ, 芸が身を助けるほどの不仕合, げいがみをたすけるほどのふしあわせ
Expression, See 芸は身を助ける, Proverb, twist on the proverb 芸は身を助ける
being able to live as an artist is no blessing
小の虫を殺して大の虫を助け, しょうのむしをころしてだいのむしをたすける
Expression, Proverb
to sacrifice something small in order to save something great, to lose a leg to save one's life, to kill a small bug and help a large one
すけべ, 助平, 助け, すけべい, スケベ, スケベイ
NA-adjective, Usually in kana
lewdness, lewd person, pervert, lecher