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初め, 初, ぞめ
Suffix, after the -masu stem of a verb
first doing of ... (ever, in one's life, in the new year, etc.)
はじめ, 始め, 初め
1. beginning, start, outset, opening
esp. 初め
2. first (in line, etc.)
esp. 始め
3. origin
Usually in kana, esp. 始め; as 〜を始め, 〜を始めとして, etc.
4. such as ..., not to mention ...
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初め, そめる
Conjugated: 初め
Auxiliary verb, Ichidan verb
to begin to
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and yet, despite this, but even so, but even then, however, nevertheless, for all that, notwithstanding that
とても, 迚も, とっても
Adverb, Usually in kana, とっても is more emphatic
1. very, awfully, exceedingly
before a negative form
2. (not) at all, by no means, simply (cannot)
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