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わかる, 分かる, 解る, 判る, 分る
Conjugated: 分かって
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
1. to understand, to comprehend, to grasp, to see, to get, to follow
2. to become clear, to be known, to be discovered, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
3. I know!, I think so too!
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分かつ, 分つ, 別つ, わかつ
Conjugated: 分かって
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to divide, to separate
also written as 頒つ
2. to share, to distribute
3. to distinguish
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自分勝手, 自分かって, じぶんかって, じぶんがって
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
selfishness, egotism, egoism, (being) self-centered, without consulting, (doing) as one pleases, one's own free will