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出張, しゅっちょう
Takes suru, Intransitive
business trip, official trip
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Particle, pronounced わ in modern Japanese
1. indicates sentence topic
2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
3. adds emphasis
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いつ, 何時
Pronoun, Usually in kana
1. when, at what time, how soon
dated term
2. normal times, ordinary days
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, 5, 伍, ご, いつ, い
Numeric, 伍 is used in legal documents
five, 5
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, いつ
being comfortable, relaxing
, いつ
Numeric, See 一つ・ひとつ・1
1. one
See 一に
2. same (mind, path, etc.)
凍つ, 冱つ, いつ
Nidan verb, Intransitive, See 凍てる, Archaism
to freeze