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出る, でる
Conjugated: 出ない
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, Antonym: 入る・はいる・1
1. to leave, to exit, to go out, to come out, to get out
2. to leave (on a journey), to depart, to start out, to set out
3. to move forward
4. to come to, to get to, to lead to, to reach
5. to appear, to come out, to emerge, to surface, to come forth, to turn up, to be found, to be detected, to be discovered, to be exposed, to show, to be exhibited, to be on display
手が出ない, てがでない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
out of one's reach, beyond one's grasp
何も出ない, 何もでない, なにも出ない, なにもでない
Expression, often after verb in ても form
gaining nothing by, getting nowhere by
鼻血も出ない, はなぢもでない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
not having a single penny left, drained of every last cent
手も足も出ない, てもあしもでない
cannot do a thing, feeling handcuffed, being at the end of one's tether, being at one's wit's end
ぐうの音も出ない, ぐうのねもでない
being lost for words
推測の域を出ない, すいそくのいきをでない
a matter for speculation, only conjecture, just guesswork
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