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冷静になる, 冷静に成る, れいせいになる
Conjugated: 冷静になろう
Expression, Godan verb, Antonym: 感情にはしる
to collect oneself, to cool off, to recover oneself
都市, とし
May take 'no'
town, city, municipal, urban
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, 歳, とし
1. year
2. age, years
3. past one's prime, old age
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徒死, とし
Takes suru
dying in vain
屠死, とし
execution technique in which the flesh is chopped away
利し, 鋭し, 疾し, 敏し, 捷し, 聆し, とし
'ku' adjective (archaic), Archaism, esp. 利し, 鋭し
1. sharp
esp. 疾し, 鋭し
2. intense, strong, powerful
esp. 疾し, 捷し
3. quick, rapid, fast
esp. 敏し, 聆し
4. keen, clever
Expression, See わ・1, abbr of ~ていたの; usu. at sentence end
indicates emotion, admiration, emphasis, etc.
copula, See である, See です, plain copula
1. be, is
Auxiliary verb, See た・1, た after certain verb forms; indicates past or completed action
2. did, (have) done
See た・2, indicates light imperative
3. please, do
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