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, あに
older brother, elder brother
, けい
Pronoun, Familiar language, Honorific or respectful, Male term, epistolary style referring to a male who is one's equal or superior
1. you
2. Mr, Mister
See 兄・あに, orig. meaning
3. older brother, elder brother
, にい
Noun, used as a suffix, See お兄さん・1, Familiar language
older brother, elder brother
, 首, 氏上, このかみ
See 長男, Archaism
1. eldest son
2. older brother, older sister
3. older person
See 氏上
4. head of a clan, head of a region
5. skilled craftsman
, きょうだい, けいてい
See ご兄弟
1. siblings, brothers and sisters
2. brothers
3. siblings-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law
Familiar language, Male term
4. mate, friend
いとこ, 従, じゅうけいてい
See 従姉妹, Usually in kana
cousin (male)
さん, にいさん, あにさん
See お兄さん・1, Honorific or respectful
1. older brother, elder brother
2. brother (as older-brother figure in friendly and or work relationship)
3. young man, buddy, fella, laddie
さん, 御さん, おにいさん
See 兄さん・1, Honorific or respectful
1. older brother, elder brother
See 兄さん・3, vocative
2. young man, buddy, fella, laddie
, ぎけい, あに
1. brother-in-law (spouse's older brother or older sister's husband)
2. older stepbrother
, あにき, アニキ
Familiar language, Honorific or respectful
1. elder brother
2. one's senior
3. older man, man older than oneself
, じっけい
biological older brother
ちゃん, にいちゃん, あんちゃん
See お兄ちゃん・1, Familiar language
1. (one's) older brother
See お兄ちゃん・2
2. young man, sonny, lad
, ちょうけい
eldest brother
, かけい
(my) elder brother
, がけい
Pronoun, Honorific or respectful, Male term, epistolary style, used by men to address men
, あにご
elder brother
, じけい
Obscure term
affectionate elder brother
, しゃけい
my elder brother
, じんけい
Pronoun, Honorific or respectful, Familiar language, epistolary term in reference to a male
, そんけい
Pronoun, Polite
elder brother, elderly person
, ちゅうけい
the younger of two elder brothers
, はっけい
the eldest son
, ぼうけい
one's deceased elder brother
, れいけい
your elder brother
, けいまい, きょうだい
older brother and younger sister
, きけい
Pronoun, Polite, of a male equal or superior, usu. in letters by men
, けいじ
Takes suru
defer to another as if an older brother
, けんけい
wise elder brother, polite reference to another's older brother, or to one's senior
, ぐけい
1. foolish older brother
2. older brother
, あけい
elder brother, my dear brother
, がっけい
my learned friend
, あにい
See 兄貴・1, Colloquialism, Familiar language
1. elder brother, one's senior
2. dashing young man, gallant young lad
, このり
See 鷂, Obscure term
musket (male Eurasian sparrowhawk)
, あせ, あそ, ごけい
Archaism, Familiar language, Polite
you (referring to a male)
, あにぶん
See 弟分
1. sworn elder brother
2. older male in an homosexual relationship
, さま, にいさま
See 兄さん・にいさん・1, Honorific or respectful
older brother
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