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元気, げんき
1. lively, full of spirit, energetic, vigorous, vital, spirited
2. healthy, well, fit, in good health
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Only な, Particle, prohibitive; used with dictionary form verb
1. don't
imperative (from なさい); used with -masu stem of verb
2. do
Interjection, used to get someone's attention or press one's point
3. hey, listen, look, say
when seeking confirmation, for emphasis, etc.; used at sentence end
4. now, ..., well, ..., I tell you!, you know
used to express admiration, emotionality, etc.; used at sentence end
5. wow, ooh
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門下, もんか
one's pupil, one's student, one's follower
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ものか, もんか
Particle, Male term
as if (something untrue were actually true), like hell (e.g. "like hell I will")
くたくた, クタクタ
NA-adjective, Adverb, Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Onomatopoeic or mimetic word
1. exhausted, worn out, dead tired
May take 'no'
2. battered (esp. of clothing), ragged, tattered
3. (boiling) to a pulp, to a mash, to a mush
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copula, See である, See です, plain copula
1. be, is
Auxiliary verb, See た・1, た after certain verb forms; indicates past or completed action
2. did, (have) done
See た・2, indicates light imperative
3. please, do
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Particle, at sentence-end; indicates certainty, emphasis, contempt, request, warning, etc.
1. hey, you, hold on
2. yo
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