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働き, はたらき
1. work, labor, labour
2. achievement, performance, ability, talent
3. salary, income, earnings
4. action, activity, workings, function, operation, movement, motion
Linguistics terminology, also written as 活
5. conjugation, inflection
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働きかける, 働き掛ける, はたらきかける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to work on (someone), to appeal to, to make approaches to, to pressure, to exert influence on, to seek action from
2. to begin to work
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働きかけ, 働き掛け, はたらきかけ
pressure, encouragement, urging, promoting
働き, ともばたらき
Takes suru, Intransitive, May take 'no'
(husband and wife) both working, dual income
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働き, はたらきもの
hard worker, hardworking person
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働き盛り, 働きざかり, はたらきざかり
prime of one's working life
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働き, はたらきて
1. worker, breadwinner, supporter
2. able person, able man, productive worker
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働き, はたらきぐち
position, job, employment, opening
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働き, うわばたらき
働き, なかばたらき
maid working for both the living quarter and kitchen
働き, はたらきびと
worker, good worker
働き, よばたらき
Takes suru
night work
働き, きばたらき
taking appropriate action, tact
働き, あらばたらき
See あらしごと
hard work, rough physical labour
働き, はたらきかた
work style, way of working
働き, かたばたらき
only one spouse working, living on a single income
働き, ひとはたらき
Takes suru, Intransitive
taking a turn at working, working for a bit
働き, したばたらき
1. subordinate work, assistant
2. domestic duties, servant, maid, houseboy
働き振り, はたらきぶり
way of working, discharge of duty
働き中毒, はたらきちゅうどく
ただ働き, タダ働き, 只働き, ただばたらき, タダばたらき
Takes suru, Intransitive
working without pay, free service, work for nothing
節句働き, せっくばたらき
working on a day off (to make up for lost time, or to make an impression)
働きアリ, 働き, 働きあり, はたらきあり
1. worker ant
2. hard worker
働きすぎ, 働き過ぎ, はたらきすぎ
overactivity, overwork
働き出す, 働きだす, はたらきだす
Godan verb
to start working, to take action
働き通す, はたらきとおす
Godan verb
to work straight through without stopping
働きづめ, 働き詰め, はたらきづめ
incessant working, working non-stop
働きがい, 働き甲斐, はたらきがい
job satisfaction, quality of work life, reason to work
働きすぎる, 働き過ぎる, はたらきすぎる
Ichidan verb
to overwork
働き通しで, はたらきとおしで
working right on through
働き続ける, はたらきつづける
Ichidan verb
to continue to work, to work away (at)
働き方改革, はたらきかたかいかく
work-style reform, reform of work practices (location, hours, etc.)
夫婦共働き, ふうふともばたらき
husband and wife both working (for a living), joint breadwinning (by husband and wife)