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, 箇, こ, コ
1. counter for articles
usu. 個
2. counter for military units
3. individual
, , 个, か, カ
counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted), a noun read using its on-yomi
, 箇, , ち, ぢ, じ
Counter, Usually in kana
counter for the hito-futa-mi counting system (forming hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, and misoji, yasoji, etc.)
, こじん
May take 'no'
individual, private person, personal, private
, 箇別, こべつ
May take 'no'
individual, separate, personal, case-by-case
, こせい
individuality, personality, quirk, idiosyncrasy, character, individual characteristic
人的, こじんてき
personal, individual, private
性的, こせいてき
individual, distinctive, unique, characteristic, personal, idiosyncratic
, 1, 一箇, 一ヶ, いっこ
piece, fragment, one (object)
, , 箇々, 箇箇, ここ
May take 'no'
individual, one by one, separate, each
, こてん
solo exhibition, one-man exhibition, one-woman exhibition
, こしつ
1. private room, single (room), room for one, one's own room
2. (toilet) stall
, 別箇, べっこ
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
another, different, separate, discrete
, こたい
May take 'no'
individual, specimen
, すうこ
several (objects, usu. from two to six)
人差, こじんさ
individual differences, personal equation
々人, 個人, ここじん
an individual, individual people
, いっこじん, いちこじん
private person, individual
人主義, こじんしゅぎ
1. individualism
See 利己主義
2. egoism, selfishness
, 箇数, こすう
number of articles, quantity
, こうこ
excellent, fine, pertinent
, 何箇, なんこ
how many pieces
, こちゅう
, こぶつ
individual (in philosophy)
, こそう
individual packaging, unit packaging
, こへん
individual sheet, individual piece
, りゃんこ
1. two
Archaism, Derogatory
2. samurai
, こめ
Counter, See 番目・1, indicates position in a sequence
the n-th
, こしゃ
individual company, each company
, 孤食, こ食, こしょく
1. meal with family members eating separate foods
2. eating alone (not with one's family)
Only 個食, Only こ食
3. food sold in single servings
人性, こじんせい
individuality, personality, idiosyncrasy
人展, こじんてん
one-man exhibition, one-man show
人名, こじんめい
personal name
人用, こじんよう
for personal use
別化, こべつか
Takes suru
individualization, individualisation
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