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俗受け, ぞくうけ
Takes suru
popular appeal
Particle, Conjunction
1. and, besides, moreover, what's more, not only ... but also
usu. indicates one of several reasons
2. because, since
at sentence end; gives reason for an unstated but deducible conclusion
3. the thing is, for one thing
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Auxiliary, See 選ばれし者・えらばれしもの, See た・1, Archaism, literary form of 〜た
did, (have) done
あずさ, 梓, , アズサ
Only あずさ, Only アズサ, See 夜糞峰榛, Usually in kana
1. Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa)
See キササゲ
2. yellow catalpa (Catalpa ovata)
See 赤芽柏・1
3. Japanese mallotus (Mallotus japonicus)
4. printing block
See 梓弓, Abbreviation
5. catalpa bow
ぎし, 羊蹄, ようてい, のね, , ギシギシ
Usually in kana
Japanese dock (plant) (Rumex japonicus)
, たけ, タケ
1. bamboo (any grass of subfamily Bambusoideae)
See 梅・うめ・2, See 松・まつ・2
2. middle (of a three-tier ranking system)
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, 嶽, たけ, だけ
1. peak
2. mountain
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, 長, たけ, たき
1. height, stature
2. length (esp. of clothing)
See 思いのたけ, See 心のたけ
3. all (one has), everything
4. magnificence (of a waka poem, etc.)
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長ける, 闌ける, たけ
Conjugated: たけ
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to excel at, to be proficient at
2. to grow old
3. to ripen
4. to rise high (e.g. the sun)
炊ける, たけ
Conjugated: たけ
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to be boiled, to be cooked, to be done, to be ready
他家, たけ
another family, another house
きのこ, 茸, 蕈, 菌, たけ, キノコ
Usually in kana
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, , ド
Prefix, occ. written 度 (ateji)
1. precisely, exactly, plumb, totally, very much
2. damn, stupid, cursed
Particle, Archaism, after the -ba stem of a verb
1. but, however
2. even though, even if