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使い, 遣い, つかい
See 使いにやる
1. errand, mission, going as envoy
2. messenger, bearer, errand boy, errand girl
See 使い魔
3. familiar spirit
Noun, used as a suffix, Noun, used as a prefix, See 魔法使い, often read as づかい when used as a suffix
4. use, usage, user, trainer, tamer, charmer
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使う, 遣う, つかう
Conjugated: 使い
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use
See 人使い
2. to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ, to handle, to manage, to manipulate
3. to use (time, money, etc.), to spend, to consume
See 言葉遣い
4. to use (language), to speak
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使い, 遣い方, つかいかた
way to use something, treatment, management (of help)
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使い果たす, 使い果す, 遣い果たす, 遣い果す, つかいはたす
Godan verb, Transitive
to use up, to squander
使い, 使いみち, 使い, つかいみち
1. purpose, utility, objective
2. way to use something
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使いこなす, 使い熟す, つかいこなす
Godan verb, Transitive
to handle (men), to master (a tool), to manage, to acquire a command of (a language)
使い切る, 使いきる, 遣い切る, つかいきる
Godan verb, Transitive
to use up, to exhaust, to wear out
使い捨て, 遣い捨て, 使い, つかいすて, つかいずて
May take 'no'
throwaway, disposable, single-use
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使い分ける, 使いわける, つかいわける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to use properly, to use (different things) for different purposes
使い分け, 使いわけ, 使分け, つかいわけ
Takes suru
proper use, using (different things) for different purposes
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使い古す, つかいふるす
Godan verb, Transitive
to wear out (something)
使い, 御使い, お遣い, 御遣い, お使, 御使, おつかい
See 使い・つかい・1, Polite
1. errand, mission, going as envoy
2. messenger, bearer, errand boy, errand girl
Honorific or respectful
3. familiar spirit
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使い慣れる, 使いなれる, 使い馴れる, つかいなれる
Ichidan verb
to get accustomed to using
魔法使い, 魔法遣い, 魔法つかい, 魔法使, まほうつかい
magician, wizard, sorcerer, witch
使い, 御使い, みつかい
See 天使, Christianity
使い込む, 使いこむ, 遣い込む, つかいこむ
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to embezzle, to misappropriate, to peculate
2. to accustom oneself to using, to use for a long time
使い, つかいごろ
使い, 使い, 遣い出, つかいで
lasting quality, good wearing ability, going a long way
使い, つかいちん
messenger tip or charge
使い, つかいりょう
使い走り, つかいばしり, つかいはしり
Takes suru
1. running errands (for someone else)
2. errand boy, gofer, dogsbody
使い, 金遣い, かねづかい
(way of) spending money
使い, 小使, こづかい
See 用務員, Obsolete term
janitor, caretaker, custodian, (slighting reference to a) handyman
使い, 蛇遣い, へびつかい
See 使い・つかい・4
snake charmer
使い, ぞうつかい
elephant trainer
使い, はしづかい
chopstick usage
使い, 色遣い, いろづかい
colour usage, color usage, use of colour
使い, つかいま
familiar (spirit or otherwise magical creature which aids a magician or sorcerer), familiar spirit
使い, やりつかい
使い, ゆみづかい
See 運弓法
bowing (a string instrument)
使い, ゆみつかい
archer (character, in anime, video games, etc.), bowman
使い, つかいばん
1. errand runner
historical term
2. messenger (Azuchi-Momoyama period), patroller
3. minor official (Edo period)
使い, 使いもの, 遣い物, つかいもの
See 使いものにならない, usu. in the negative
1. useful thing, usable article
Only 遣い物
2. present, gift