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作る, 造る, 創る, つくる
Godan verb, Transitive, 造る usu. for large-scale building, manufacturing, etc.; 創る usu. for creating
1. to make, to produce, to manufacture, to build, to construct
2. to prepare (food), to brew (alcohol)
See 野菜を作る
3. to raise, to grow, to cultivate, to train
4. to till
5. to draw up (a document), to make out, to write
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Particle, See 乃, occasionally ん, orig. written 乃 or 之
1. indicates possessive
2. nominalizes verbs and adjectives
See が・1
3. substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
often ん
4. (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
Female term or language
5. (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
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機屋, はたや
, すい
1. essence, the best, cream
NA-adjective, See 粋・いき・1
2. chic, smart, stylish, tasteful, refined, sophisticated
3. considerate, understanding, thoughtful, tactful
4. familiar with worldly pleasures (esp. sexual relations, geisha districts and red-light districts)
すい, すい
Adverb taking the 'to' particle
lightly, nimbly
, すい
See 水曜日, Abbreviation
1. Wednesday
See 氷水
2. shaved ice (served with flavored syrup)
See 五行・1
3. water (fifth of the five elements)
, すい
1. dapple-grey horse (gray), piebald horse
2. Zhui (favorite horse of Xiang Yu)
, すい
See 膵臓・すいぞう, Abbreviation, Obscure term
酸い, すい
sour, acid
, すい
Suffix, Counter
1. counter for spindles
See 分銅
2. weight (for scales)
, すい
cone, pyramid