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, なに
1. what
2. you-know-what, that thing
3. whatsit, whachamacallit, what's-his-name, what's-her-name
Adverb, with neg. sentence
4. (not) at all, (not) in the slightest, huh?
Interjection, indicates anger or irritability
5. hey!
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, なん
Pronoun, See 何・1
1. what
Prefix, See 何か月, followed by a counter
2. how many, a lot of
See 何日か, followed by a counter and か
3. several, a few, some
, なん
Noun, used as a suffix
1. difficulty, trouble, hardship
2. accident, disaster, danger
3. fault, defect
4. criticism
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, なん
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter
, なん
'taru' adjective, Adverb taking the 'to' particle