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なんの, 何の
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
1. what, what kind of, what sort of
with. neg. sentence
2. no ..., any
Usually in kana, as ...のなんの
3. adds emphasis to the preceding word, not at all, oh (it's nothing)
どの, 何の
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See この・1, See その・1, See あの, Usually in kana
which, what (way)
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どのよう, どの様, 何の
Expression, NA-adjective, Usually in kana
what sort, what kind
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どのくらい, どの位, 何の, 何のくらい, どのぐらい
Expression, Adverb, See 何れくらい・どれくらい, Usually in kana
how long, how far, how much
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どのように, どの様に, 何の様に
Expression, Adverb, See どの様・どのよう, Usually in kana
how, in what way
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何の, 何のなにがし, なんのなにがし
certain person, certain amount
なんのなんの, 何の何の
Interjection, Colloquialism, Usually in kana
It's nothing!, Don't mention it!
なんのその, 何のその, 何の其の
Expression, Usually in kana
nothing special, no big deal, doesn't matter
なんのかんの, 何のかんの
Expression, Usually in kana
this and that (esp. complaining or protesting), something or other
何の気なしに, 何の気無しに, なんの気なしに, なんのきなしに
Expression, Adverb
unintentionally, inadvertently, calmly, casually, nonchalantly, innocently
何の変哲もない, なんの変哲もない, 何の変哲も無い, なんのへんてつもない
completely ordinary, plain, commonplace, everyday
何のことはない, 何の事はない, 何のことは無い, 何の事は無い, なんのことはない
trivial, not amounting to much, not enough to cause a problem, not as much as expected
何の役にも立たない, なんの役にも立たない, なんのやくにもたたない
of no use whatsoever, good for nothing, useless
何のかんばせあって, 何の顔あって, なんのかんばせあって
Expression, See どの面下げて, Rare
how could I (you, etc.) ...?, how dare you (they, etc.) (have the nerve to) ...?
何の得にもならない, なんのとくにもならない
to gain nothing, to be of no benefit, to be no use, to be unprofitable
どうのこうの, 如何の斯うの
Expression, Adverb, Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Usually in kana
this and that, one thing or another
どの辺, 何の, どのへん
Expression, Adverb
1. whereabout, about where
2. how much
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どのあたり, どの辺り, 何のあたり
Expression, Usually in kana
どのみち, どの道, 何の
Adverb, Usually in kana
anyway, anyhow, at any rate, in any case