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なんだ, 何だ, なあんだ
Interjection, Usually in kana
1. what!, oh
Only なんだ
2. what the heck, what the, damn
なんだかんだ, 何だかんだ, 何だかだ, 何だ彼だ, なんだかだ
Adverb, Usually in kana
something or other, one thing or another, this or that
なんだか, 何だ
Adverb, Usually in kana
(a) little, somewhat, somehow
何だ, なんだと
Expression, Interjection, used by itself, i.e. not ~思う etc.
what did you just say (to me)?, what's that?
なんだって, 何だって
Interjection, Usually in kana
1. what?!, what did you say?!
2. why?, what for?, for what reason?
See 何でも・1
3. anyone, anything
なんだっけ, 何だっけ
Expression, Usually in kana
what is it?
何が何だ, なにがなんだか
Expression, usu. as ~わからない
what's what, heads or tails
だから何だ, だからなんだ
so what!, who gives a damn?
何だったら, なんだったら
Expression, See 何なら
if you are so inclined, if it suits you, if you like
なんだこれは, 何だこれは
Expression, See 何だこりゃ・なんだこりゃ, Colloquialism, Usually in kana
what on Earth is this?
なんだこりゃ, 何だこりゃ
Expression, See 何だこれは・なんだこれは, Colloquialism, Usually in kana
what on Earth is this?
何だっていい, 何だって良い, なんだっていい
Expression, See 何でもいい, Colloquialism
it doesn't matter what, anything is fine
でなくてなんだろう, でなくて何だろう
Expression, Usually in kana, following a noun or adjective
if not ... then what is it?, (this) is nothing other than ..., (it) must be ..., (it) is definitely ...
何が何だかわからない, 何が何だか分からない, なにがなんだかわからない
not knowing what's what, being unable to make heads or tails
なんだかんだ言っても, 何だかんだ言っても, 何だかんだいっても, なんだかんだいっても
Expression, See 何だかんだ
no matter what anyone says, regardless of what is said
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