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何か, なにか, なんか
1. something, some, any
2. somehow, for some reason
Only なにか, Interjection
3. (so) what (are you trying to say)?, what (do you mean)?
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気になる, きになる
Expression, Godan verb
1. to weigh on one's mind, to bother one, to worry about, to be concerned about, to care about, to feel uneasy, to be anxious
2. to be interested (in), to be curious (about), to wonder (about), to catch one's eye
usu. after a verb
3. to feel like (doing), to feel inclined to, to bring oneself to (do)
ことがある, 事がある
Expression, Godan verb, See 事がない・ことがない・1, Usually in kana, after the past tense form of a verb
1. (for something) to have occurred, to have done (something)
See 事がない・ことがない・2
2. (for something) to happen on occasion
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